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Why you CAN trust a copywriter to tell your company's story

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

One thing I get asked a lot as a freelance Auckland copywriter is, ‘how will you be able to write about my business?' It’s very technical/niche/specialist’ and I'm often told that ‘all the information is in my head' or 'I can’t provide you with documentation’. I wanted to answer these concerns and explain my processes so that both you and your company can feel secure that your brand, vision and messaging are safe in my hands.  

If it's time to set your story free and share it with your prospects and customers, finding a good copywriter is the first step. Getting your tone of voice right and understanding your company vision and benefits is what I do and authenticity is key. Whether it’s web copy, blogs, case studies or interviews, I follow the same onboarding process with all my clients.

Firstly, nothing is going out there without your approval, review, feedback and sign off. You'll always remain in control. Outsourcing your copywriting will just help take one of your day-to-day worries away.

Secondly, I can’t begin my job without getting to know you and your business well enough to be able to tell others your story succinctly and accurately. I need to communicate what your unique selling points are and what benefits your product/service can offer. Therefore, I spend as long as it takes chatting and meeting with you in order to fully understand your business. You’d be surprised though, as this initial phase doesn’t normally take more than a few hours. I use a client questionnaire that's tweaked to suit you to tease out all of that precious expertise and company info you’ve been storing away in your clever head all this time. I always have more questions than I need and often ask the same questions repeatedly (just phrased slightly differently) to ensure I am getting all the juicy bits from you.  

Finally, I’ve written about a wide range of topics over the last ten years, which has given me the privilege of getting to know some great businesses and industries that I’d otherwise not have encountered. I've written about tech, entertainment, legal practice software, marketing, movies, loyalty schemes, retail, dance, lawn maintenance, comedy, accountancy and building consent (not necessarily in that order). Rest assured that I can get to know your industry and your brand to deliver tailored copy that'll hit your target audience right in the sweet spot (sounds painful).

I’d be honoured if you'd trust me with telling your story. I promise to give it as much dedication as I would my own (in fact I'd give more).

If you’re interested in finding out more about my past work simply get in touch and request the Creative Sidekick Portfolio.


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